Thoughtfully is a mobile application allowing users to become more aware of their produce and its origins. Thoughtfully utilizes the camera and machine learning to scan produce at grocery markets to determine its environmental impact. This awareness of their produce allows users to make thoughtful decisions on their purchases. Through a database powered by the community, users can help each other locate the most sustainable produce in their markets. Thoughtfully's main goal is to help people change their purchasing habits, thoughtfully.

Thoughtfully (Concept Project)

Product Design / Interactive Design / UI/UX Design



Discovering a grocery shopper's pain points through need-finding with consumer interviews and research.

Key Insights

Knowledge of food labels, their source, and how their produce arrived in the market or restaurant is usually unknown or not understood easily.

Many users wished there was more transparency in the food labels and descriptors.

Some users feel that in the future, organic foods will become less accessible, and mass-processed foods will be more of the norm.

Major factors deterring users from a more sustainable living are time, confusion about food labels, and lack of trust in what food labels say.


From research and interviews, user personas were created to provide a framework to build upon.


User interviews and user personas revealed that consumers want more transparency about the products they buy. Thoughtfully was created to solve this problem by using the power of the camera and machine learning. With Thoughtfully, you can easily scan produce during your shopping trips to learn about the produce's origins, farming practices, and carbon footprint. By being more aware of the food you eat, you can develop healthy habits for your body and the world.

Paper Prototypes


With the user flow in mind, ​​​​​Thoughtfully is designed to be quick and easy to use. You open the app and your first screen (after first-time onboarding) will be the camera scanning the produce in the frame. You get the info, learn about the produce, and you can check off that item in the built-in grocery list. You can also view your personal goals and badges on your profile screen.


Teaching the shopper the ropes and features of thoughtfully through onboarding!


Utilizing machine learning through the camera to recognize produce


Use your Profile to track your goals and Thoughtfully List to keep track of your grocery choices and review their impact.